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Did You Know

Interesting facts which are forgotten to notice

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·May 26, 2022·

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# Why we are using "e.g." in order to represent "Example"..?

best-press-release-example.jpg Did you notice this before anywhere, no worry many of us won't notice this. The word example didn't have any "g" alphabet within them, but we all were using e.g. to represent example. Let me reveal the reason behind this. In Latin the term e.g. is an abbreviation of Exempli Gratia which gives a meaning For Example. This is the reason we're using e.g. for denoting example in short form.

# Why SIM card have a small cut on it's corner..?

sim card images.jpg Everyone of us are using mobile phones with any of a network provider's SIM (Subscribers Identity Module). You may notice a small cut in it's corners, did any of you know why it was there. If you don't means no problem let us open the mystery but before going to answer this question let’s discuss some basics of SIM card.

Subscriber’s identity Module (SIM) card is a removable electronic chip which is used to identify the subscriber in a mobile telephonic network. SIM card is basically an electronic chip with an embedded micro controller with a memory. Sim cards having eight contacts embedded on the card. The SIM card used in mobile phone has a width of 25 mm, a length of 15 mm, and a thickness of 0.76 mm.

The main reason for the cut mark on the corner is to avoid the misalignment of the contacts of SIM card and mobile phone cardholder pins. Pin number 1 of the SIM card to make the contact with the corresponding pin of the mobile phone. The cut mark serve as a guide for proper placement of card in mobile phones.

# The oxygen level is low in space, then how can the sun continue to burn..?

sun.jpg Generally fire won't exists without oxygen. This process is known as Carbon combustion, In standard carbon combustion, carbon atoms in the fuel move up close to oxygen atoms in the air and bond together to make carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. At the same time, hydrogen atoms in the fuel bond with oxygen atoms to make water molecules. There are often other chemical reactions occurring in a carbon-based fire, but the combustion of carbon and hydrogen atoms are the main ones.

This combustion releases energy which we experience as the heat and light given off by the flame. Most of the fires that we see in everyday life are carbon combustion: campfires, oven flames, candle flames, barbecue grills, forest fires, gas furnaces, gasoline burning in engines, etc. The key to remember is that carbon combustion requires oxygen. As soon as there is no oxygen left, carbon combustion stops.

In nuclear fusion, the nuclei of atoms are fused together to make new, bigger nuclei. Since the nucleus of an atom determines what the atom is and how it behaves, a change to the nucleus causes the atom to become a new element. For instance, two hydrogen atoms fuse together to make one helium atom. Nuclear fusion does not require oxygen. In fact, you don't need any other material at all. You just need enough pressure or heat.

Our sun has a core temperature of 16 million Kelvin and a core pressure of 25 thousand trillion Newtons per square meter. The sun gets so hot from its nuclear fusion that it glows and emits light, just like how a piece of metal glows red if you heat it up.

This is the reason behind the glowing of sun in space.

# What is the purpose of the tiny fifth pocket in jeans pant..?

jeans-watch-pocket.jpg How many pairs of jeans have you owned in your life? Twenty? Fifty? But in all that denim-wearing time, we bet you've never thought about that tiny extra front pocket for more than a fleeting second, if that. That little pouch has had several titles throughout the years including, frontier pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket.

But what is it for exactly?

Jeans were a panty suit for gold miners of California in the mid 18th Century. Those small tiny pockets is to hold their precious pocket watches from damage. This was the original reason behind the presence of tiny small pockets in jeans.

# Why do we call three consecutive wickets as a Hat-trick..?

hattrick_144373021.jpg Every one knows the term Hat-trick, because we all were watching cricket. In cricket three consecutive wickets in three consecutive deliveries is known as Hat-trick. why it is known as Hat-trick..?

The term first appeared in 1858 in cricket, to describe H. H. Stephenson taking three wickets with three consecutive deliveries. Fans held a collection for Stephenson, and presented him with a hat bought with the proceeds.

This is the reason behind the name Hat-trick.

# What is the reason for the numbers or symbols that appear on the screen while we are watching TV..?


While watching TV everyone notices this, a set of numbers randomly appears on the screen lasts for some particular timing and then disappears. Did any of you think why it happens...? let us broke the secret.

The set of random numbers appear at one point on the TV screen is part of the Anti Piracy measures taken by the channels. Generally it vary for each setup box, so the person who broadcasts illegally can be easily identified.

# Why are there small holes on the top of lollipop sticks..?


Everyone love lollipops and candy's also using the holes in the stick we all try to play using some whistling noises occurring from them. But did any of you notices before why that holes are there, what was the purpose of that holes. wait... Let us find that.

Candy manufacturers actually melt candy into that hole so the head of the lollipop stays attached to the stick rather than coming loose and falling off.

The second reason, which I never thought about, is actually for safety. The stick itself is hollow in order to keep excitable kids (and adults) from accidentally choking if the stick is swallowed. Due to it's hollow ventilation it allows air to pass through which helps the person to breathe. This is the reason behind the holes on the stick.

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